Scot has been spending a lot of time looking at Adobe Premiere Pro. Here’s some tools and resources for how he’s been putting together his virtual choir videos.

Scot’s slide deck from his Virtual Choirs / Real Rehearsals ChorAmor Webinar

Sample videos from his entire iterative process for rehearsing and recording virtual choir: Rehearsing Virtual Choirs: An iterative approach

Completed Virtual Projects

Saunder Choi – The New Colossus

Scott Gendel – Gather

Christopher Tin – Baba Yetu

arr. Ryan Brandau – Santa Clara University Alma Mater

Sample Guide Videos

SCU Alma Mater Guide Video with score images, conductor, and synced part videos.

Baba Yetu Guide Video mashup (with seriously minimal audio editing).

Recording Guide

When I ask singers to record a virtual choir, I try to give them VERY specific instructions. Here’s an example from the final recording assignment for our Concert Choir’s Baba Yetu.

  1. Try very hard to clap exactly when instructed to do so in order to synchronize your track
  2. Sing expressively (dynamics and articulations)
  3. Look engaged as you sing
  4. USE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Record your video in Landscape (phone held like this == not || )
  6. Listen to your own recording afterwards and make sure you weren’t too loud for your microphone or too soft to hear
  7. Make sure your video is framed level with your face and your shoulders are visible.

Upload your video using the link in the assignment or to [insert google drive link].

Please name your file like this: BabaYetu_T1_Name